Collaboration between IAMU member universities SAMK (Finland) and AMC (Australia) has been highlighted in the media by Australia’s leading maritime industry news source, The Daily Cargo News (DCN).  In the words of DCN’s publisher, “…it’s the cross-border training partnerships that I’d like to highlight.  It’s exciting to see how Australia is connecting with facilities and institutions abroad.” (click to the article)

Together SAMK and AMC undertake a range of research with the generous funding from IAMU research projects.  This relationship has fostered the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the two universities for further co-operation in education, research, and staff and student mobility.

DCN journalist Abby Williams was fortunate to be hosted on a maritime tour by the Finnish government in October 2023.  During the tour, SAMK and AMC made sure Abby was able to visit SAMK’s staff and facilities in Rauma, as well as the nearby shipyard where two RO-PAX ferries are under construction for the service between the Australian mainland, and the island of Tasmania where AMC is located.