About The Nippon Foundation

The Nippon Foundation is a nongovernmental organization based in Japan that is dedicated to improving the lives of humanity around the world. The foundation was established in 1962, as a nonprofit to support Japan’s shipbuilding industry. And although it now engages in diverse activities including global health, food security, and education, its long running work in the maritime and ocean field remains at the core of the foundation’s activities and continues to create positive impacts on the world’s ocean communities. The Nippon Foundation is currently working with corporations, governments, international organizations, nonprofits and academia,  to engage in exciting new programs such as creating the world’s largest interdisciplinary network of ocean scientists to solve serious ocean issues, as well as increasing the safety of maritime security for small island states in small island states.

The Nippon Foundation has been a strong supporter of IAMU since its inception and is currently supporting two long running programs to enable network building and capacity building within IAMU membership.