World Maritime Technology Conference (WMTC) is held once in 3 years under the auspices of the World Maritime Technology Congress.
WMTC is a global confluence with a large participation and contribution from the global maritime sector.
WMTC consists of 21-member organizations from 17 countries connecting professionals in the field of maritime technology and allied sectors.
The current edition of WMTC is being hosted at Chennai, India by the Chennai Branch of The Institute of Marine Engineers.

India is a fast-growing economy and Chennai being one of the oldest seaports of India and a centre of trade contributes to the GDP of the nation in a significant way.
Chennai comes under the list of major Indian ports and has two to three fast-developing minor ports and ship building yards in its hub.
The expanding maritime trade has brought many ship owners, ship management and logistics companies to this City. With its rich and ancient heritage,
Chennai shines as a maritime success story and sits well as one of the trade-gateways of the country.
It is a natural selection that has brought WMTC to Chennai in 2024.
WMTC 2024 will host you to enjoy the tradition, culture and hospitality of the Southern Indian shores, here in Chennai.

We invite you to participate and present your thoughts in the Conference.
We request you to peruse the attachments as follows and submit your Abstracts.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Attached files:
Please download the documents for details and forms for the application.

-WMTC 2024 overview
-Call for papers
-Paper template