As part of the grand celebration of our 75th anniversary, on 10 April, Mr. Takeshi Nakazawa, the Executive Director of the IAMU organization (International Association of Maritime Universities), delivered a lecture to students and faculty members. Among other, he emphasized our commitment, significance, and successful collaboration between the Faculty and the Organization, extending congratulations on this significant jubilee on their behalf.

Mr. Nakazawa invited students to engage with IAMU’s work and presented opportunities for development and participation in research projects, obtaining scholarships, support for professional growth, and the chance to exchange experiences with other members.

Our faculty provided a short overview of the diverse activities conducted within IAMU, both independently and in collaboration with other countries. These include developmental and research projects, participation in the Organization’s working groups, and other outcomes of international and fruitful collaboration. We also heard firsthand experiences from students who recently attended the IAMU conference. Participation in international forums, idea exchanges, and networking with colleagues from around the world further highlights the importance of international synergy in acquiring knowledge and shaping the future of the maritime sector.

On 11 April, the 75th anniversary of the Faculty of Maritime Studies, the oldest higher education institution in Rijeka, was celebrated with a ceremonial academy in the Exportdrvo building in Delta. The Faculty dates back to 4 April 1949, when the Higher Maritime School was founded in response to the development of shipping and the prevailing shortage of qualified seafarers and maritime personnel.

The Dean of the Faculty of Maritime Studies, Prof Ana Perić Hadžić, highlighted the most important events in the development of the institution, which today enjoys international prestige and recognition. The event was attended by employees and retirees of the Faculty of Maritime Studies, representatives of public and state maritime institutions, academic communities from all over Croatia and representatives of prestigious maritime universities from Bulgaria, Italy, and Montenegro.

Speakers at the ceremony included Mayor Marko Filipović on behalf of the City of Rijeka, Head of the Administrative Department for Maritime Affairs, Transport and Communications Izabela Linčić Mužić on behalf of Primorje-Gorski Kotar County and Vice-Rector for Students, Studies and Quality Assurance Prof Marta Žuvić on behalf of the Rector of the University of Rijeka, Prof Snježana Prijić Samaržija. Also present were the Archbishop of Rijeka and Metropolitan Msgr Mate Uzinić and the Director of the Maritime Safety Directorate at the Ministry of Sea, Transport and Infrastructure Siniša Orlić.

The guest of honour was Prof. Takeshi Nakazawa, Executive Director of the International Association of Maritime Universities (IAMU), who spoke about the successful cooperation between the Faculty and the Organization.

The musical program was enriched by the performance of the anthem of the Republic of Croatia and the anthem of Croatian seafarers “Plovit se mora” by the choir of St. Juraj HRM.

With an immense dose of courage and responsibility, experience and energy and knowledge as the only and strongest drive, the Faculty of Maritime Studies will continue to support the common vision: “With knowledge we sail the world”

The graduation ceremony of students of the Faculty of Maritime Studies in Rijeka took place on April 12. In the premises of Exportdrvo in Rijeka, 269 graduates of five undergraduate and postgraduate programmes were promoted in two groups: Marine Engineering, Logistics and Management in Maritime Industry and Transport, Nautical Studies and Maritime Transport Technology, Marine Electronic Engineering and Information Technology and Technology and Organization of Transport.

In her opening speech, the Dean Prof Ana Perić Hadžić, congratulated all Bachelor’s and Master’s graduates and their families on their success. In addition to the Dean, the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, Prof Irena Jurdana, the Vice Dean for Business Relations, Prof Edvard Tijan, the Vice Dean for Professional Development, Assoc Prof Srđan Žuškin, and the Vice Dean for Scientific Research, Assoc Prof David Brčić, also attended the graduation ceremony.