Membership Application

Thank you for your interest in the IAMU membership. We are looking forward to welcoming maritime universities which understand the vision and mission of IAMU and take proactive action (attitude) toward activities to promote a spirit of mutual benefit.

About the IAMU membership

The International Association of Maritime Universities is the global network of leading maritime universities providing Maritime Education and Training (MET) of seafarers for the global shipping industry.

For more information about IAMU, please visit “About IAMU“.

The essential membership criteria:
Maritime universities/academies/institutions/faculties (hereinafter “universities”) that offer Bachelor’s degree or equivalent undergraduate MET programs and post-graduate Masters and/or Ph.D. programs related to maritime affairs are qualified for application to become members.
A- Article V- Membership, The IAMU Basic Agreement

The brief procedure of acceptance of membership application

Here is the brief procedure of acceptance of membership application.

Step1. Initial Application (submit the application form)

Step2. Detailed information (The IAMU secretariat requests the detailed information)

Step3. Site visit (an IAMU delegate visits your university)

Step4. Result (the International Executive Board makes the decision of your membership)

Annual Membership fee

USD 1,000
The acceptable payment method is bank transfer, and we cannot accept other payment methods.

How to apply
  1. Download the application package (incl. Application form, The brief procedure, the IAMU Basic Agreement.)
  2. Read the Basic Agreement and fill in the application form.
  3. Submit the application form via the submission form on this webpage. You will receive a notification if your submission is complete.
  4. The IAMU secretariat will be in touch with you.
Download Application form

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Do you offer Bachelor's degree (or equivalent undergraduate) MET programs?

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