It is pleasure to inform you that new evaluation system for research projects is now launched with great support of the International Executive Board at the meeting on 10 October 2017 in Varna.
The Academic Affairs Committee invites each member university to nominate 3 senior academic staff members from different specializations and 1 early career researcher.
Criteria for and duties of nominated referees for research projects

Each referee for evaluation of research proposals or final reports shall:

  • Be a senior academic staff member or an early career researcher* nominated by the President/Representative of the member university to which the referee belongs;
  • Have a record of at least three (3) international research publications (editorial contributions are also preferred);
  • Be prepared to evaluate research proposals and/or final reports between 01 June and 31 July;
  • Submit the relevant evaluation form(s) with the referee’s comments in respect of assigned research proposals, 2 weeks after receipt of the evaluation form(s);
  • Submit the relevant from with the referee’s comments for inclusion in a final report, 4 weeks after the receipt of the evaluation form.

* An early career researcher is deemed to be one who has:

  • Been awarded a PhD within the preceding 10 years;
  • An established record of journal publications (with preference to international publications); and
  • A full-time academic position with both teaching and research responsibilities.

A referee’s terms of office shall be two years. However, this shall not preclude him/her from being re-appointed.

Those who are interested in in nominating a referee for research proposals and final research project reports from your universities should download the application form and:

  1. Prepare the application form for nominated referees, and
  2. submit the application form to the IAMU Secretariat shown below as a pdf file with signature and Excel file attached to e-mail with subject “Referees for research project” no later than midnight, 31 January 2018 Japan Standard Time

Contact person: Deputy Executive Director, Mr. Yutaka Emi