Faculty of Oceanology, Kobe University

As the successor to the Faculty of Maritime Sciences, the Faculty of Oceanology will be established in April, 2021 to continue Kobe University’s tradition of seamanship education.
The mission of this faculty is to produce talented experts who possess the knowledge and capability to tackle and solve current and future issues facing the marine field. The faculty is divided into five areas of study: Marine Sciences, Marine Technologies, Maritime Policy Studies, Nautical Sciences, Marine Engineering.

In order to cultivate human resources who can take the lead and help solve the social issues that affect our oceans, the Faculty of Oceanology provides students with wide-ranging specialized knowledge of not only marine science and technology (including marine industrial technology, ocean development, offshore exploration, and marine environmental protection) but also maritime laws and ocean-related policies.

Another primary goal of the Faculty of Oceanology is to educate and train “Kobe University Licensed Seafarers” who will support international logistics and contribute to the global shipping industry.

Undergraduate Program: Department of Oceanology

・Marine Sciences
・Marine Technologies
・Maritime Policy Studies

・Nautical Sciences
・Marine Engineering