The University of Split, Faculty of Maritime Studies, would like to invite students from maritime universities and young teachers, novices to Maritime English and Communication as well as Intercultural Communication, with special regard to English as lingua franca in maritime affairs worldwide, to take part in our International Summer School STSS 2022.
The summer school will be held in our beautiful, tourist town of Split in the first week of September, i.e. 05-09 September, when the temperatures are not so extreme any more, while the sea temperatures are still more than pleasant for bathing.

We offer three programmes:
1) MARITIME ENGLISH ON SITE, in which our group of experienced international teachers intends to invite our prospective students to put their hands on Maritime English 🙂 The introductory classes will be held in the lecture room, while the rest will take place either in the simulator or around available sites, the city port, marina, boatbuilder’s yard, etc.

2) INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION, in which, again two experienced teachers who have taught and worked internationally, intend to share their knowledge and experiences in intercultural contacts and offer views on how to avoid misunderstandings and cultural clashes.

3) SAILING AND SURVIVAL AT SEA, in which our experienced teacher takes the prospective students on board for a five-day tour and makes them experience what they have been previously taught in the classroom by a group of teachers.

Hoping this short presentation has aroused your interest in being with us in one of our summer school programmes and please click the above title of each course to see more detailed presentations.

Applications are submitted via the registration form at the following link:

where you may also see other programmes of the University of Split International Summer School and find the three programmes to be carried out at the Faculty of Maritime Studies (under the heading Engineering / Faculty of Maritime Studies).

We would very much like to have multilingual and multicultural groups in our summer school this year, so please consider taking part yourselves as well as spreading the word and images among your students.

In case the envisaged period in September is not suitable for you due to student/teacher obligations at your institution, please feel free to propose a different period and we will gladly try to adapt to your proposal if possible.

We guarantee you will learn a lot, take part in interesting discussions, and enjoy the wonderful sites of the our town as well as those little Mediterranean places on our routes.
We are looking forward to welcoming you in Split, at our University, in September, for a few days of Indian summer 🙂