Pursuant to paragraph 21 of the Annex to the Basic Agreement, the slate of the new IEB members for the next term from April 2023 to March 2025 is hereby notified to all member universities.

(I) Regional Representatives

    • University of Rijeka, Faculty of Maritime Studies /Region I (Europe and Africa)
    • Dalian Maritime University /Region II (Asia, Pacific and Oceania)
    • Massachusetts Maritime Academy /Region III (Americas)

(II)  At Large Representatives

    • Australian Maritime College, University of Tasmania
    • Gdynia Maritime University
    • Piri Reis University

(III)  Ex-Officio

    • FY2022-2023 (Hosting university for AGA 23 in FY2023) Satakunta University of Applied Sciences
    • FY2023-2024 (Hosting university for AGA 24 in FY2024) Will be decided at the IEB meeting on 18 October 2022

(IV)  Special Member

    • World Maritime University
    • The Nippon Foundation

(V)  The Executive Director