Dear IAMU Partners,

I’m writing to you on behalf of CMU’s Students’ League to propose the establishment of cooperation protocols between the student organizations of the IAMU member institutions. We believe that fostering collaboration between maritime students will significantly enhance their academic and personal development, preparing them for the global challenges of the maritime industry. Additionally, it could be a good starting point for new partnerships among IAMU member institutions.

Our student organization is dedicated to creating enriching experiences through a variety of activities. We envision a partnership that focuses on:

  1. Common activities: joint events and initiatives that promote cross-cultural understanding and professional growth:
  2. Summer schools: collaborative summer programs where students can engage in intensive study and practical experiences in maritime subjects.
  3. Workshops: interactive workshops that cover current trends, innovations, and best practices in the maritime field.
  4. Student conferences: co-organized conferences that provide platforms for students to present research, share ideas, and network with industry experts.
  5. Cultural and sports activities: events that foster teamwork and a sense of community among students, including cultural exchanges and sports competitions.

We will be happy to extend the list above based on your input and proposals.

We believe that such collaboration will not only benefit our institutions, but also contribute to the advancement of maritime education and training.

Interested parties are kindly asked to contact the President of CMU Student’s League, Mr. Andrei Cațăr ( and also C.C.

Thank you for considering this proposal. We look forward to the possibility of creating a strong network of IAMU member students.

Best Regards,

Assoc. Prof. Radu Hanzu, Ph.D.
Constanta Maritime University