We are pleased to highlight the collaboration between IAMU member universities, exemplifying the spirit of international cooperation and academic exchange as related to the annual survey on participation in IAMU activities for FY2023, which we recently conducted.

From May 11 to 18, students from the Faculty of Navigation at Gdynia Maritime University (GMU) visited the University of Montenegro in Kotor, fostering a rich exchange of knowledge and culture.

A notable aspect of this visit was a three-day voyage aboard the historic training ship S/V Jadran, sailing from the port of Tivat around the Adriatic Sea. This voyage included 27 Montenegrin students and 5 lecturers, alongside the GMU cadets. The students participated in navigation classes and navigated challenging waters such as the Strait of Verige and the Kumbor Strait, where they practised anchoring.

In addition to the voyage, the visiting students engaged in various educational activities at the University of Montenegro. They participated in classes with local students, utilized the University’s navigation and maneuver simulator, and toured the Research, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship Centre at the Faculty of Maritime Studies. This trip also provided an opportunity to explore Montenegrin culture, historic sites in Kotor and Podgorica, and build new friendships.

Efforts are underway to expand this collaboration through a proposal for wider cooperation within the ERASMUS+ programme, aiming to enhance academic and student exchanges between GMU and the University of Montenegro.

For more details, please visit the Gdynia Maritime University’s website.

We also invite all IAMU member universities to share your cooperation activities with us. Please send information about your collaboration efforts and events to the Secretariat.
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