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Due Date for Abstract Submission 22 March 2019

International Symposium on Historical Approach for

Measuring and Protecting of World Oceans and Waters

Thursday-Friday, 20-21 June 2019

Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

    It is our great pleasure to announce the “International Symposium on Historical Approach for Measuring and Protecting of World Oceans and Waters” which will be held at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco on 20 and 21 June 2019. The Symposium will be jointly organized by the Pîrî Reis University/İstanbul-Turkey, International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) and Oceanographic Museum of Monaco.

    The objective of the symposium is to create an international platform for exchanging knowledge and experience on the history of measuring and protecting world oceans and waters. The Symposium will also be a forum where researchers and academicians from all around the world can freely contribute to our understanding of all aspects of the world oceans and waters and their place in human history, review the steps of the advances in measuring and mapping the world oceans and waters and examine the precautions to be taken to protect the marine environment.

Distinguished keynote and invited speakers, well known and prominent scientists, researchers, marine archeologists, cartographers and academicians who are internationally renowned in the field of measuring and protecting world oceans and waters will be giving presentations at the symposium.

    As keynote speakers; Professor Joaquim Alves Gaspar, leading scholar in marine cartography from Lisbon/Portugal University and Prof. Dr. Celal Şengör, world-famous geology professor from İstanbul Technical University, as invited speakers; Mr. Sergey Reshetnyak, researcher and honorary polar explorer from Russia, Mr. Andrea Cantile, Director Italian History of Cartography Institute-Florence, Prof. Dr. Dejanirah Couto, Maritime Historian on Historical Geography, Archeology, Islamic and Oriental Studies-Paris/France, Capt. (R) Jose Manuel Malhao Perreira, Maritime Historian from Portugal, Prof. Dr. Aykut I. Ölçer, Naval Architect and Marine Engineer from World Maritime University-Sweden and Dr. Şadan Kaptanoğlu Dikici, Marine Environmental Protector from Turkey are invited and will be participating the symposium. In addition to these speakers, esteemed scientists and hydrographers from IHO and different countries will also be participating the symposium.

    We would like to invite you to contribute to the symposium by submitting a paper for the conference sessions on the themes and beyond. The abstract of your paper is expected to arrive before 22 March 2019. For detailed information visit web site.

    Best Regards,

    Prof. Dr. Oral ERDOĞAN

    Rector of Piri Reis University

Chairman of Organizing Committee