This research is conducted under the research project: Creation of practical guide “Applied Psychology for Seafarers”, which is financed by the International Association of Maritime Universities.

The Batumi Navigation Teaching University (Georgia) is conducting this research, Dalian Maritime University (China) and University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) are involved in the study. We are committed to studying how mental health conditions in working seafarers are. This questionnaire will help us to learn about factors related to seafarers’ mental health during their work on board.

Seafarers who are currently working board of ship are invited to participate in the survey. Your participation in this research would be invaluable to get familiar to challenges seafarers are facing while they are performing their duty on-board.

Participation in this research is completely anonymous, we are not asking for your name or any kind of personal identifying information.

Below there are a series of questions related to your life and problems you may have encountered while on-board. Please read them carefully and answer them honestly. There are no right or wrong answers. You can stop anytime you want, without any consequences. The data will be saved anonymously and will be used only for the purpose of this project. Should you have any questions concerning this study or problems you may have encountered while on-board, you may contact:

To take the survey, please visit:


Capt. Parmen Khvedelidze
Batumi Navigation Teaching University