On 4 and 5 March 2024, the 2nd GMP-BoK review and revision committee, headed by Professor Gamal Ghalwash of AAST-MT, was held at the university of Dubrovnik, Croatia.
The committee members and the advisor eagerly discussed and made decisions on the following items for the revision of the Body of Knowledge for Global Maritime Professional 2019.
– Procedures and Progress of the survey
– Review issues in chapters 1 and 2
The committee also agreed to organize workshops during AGA24 in October 2024 to raise awareness of the GMP-BoK among each academic staff at IAMU member universities.
Outcomes and progress of committee’s activities will be given to the IEB members at the 19th session of the board meeting hosted by Massachusetts Maritime Academy in April 2024.

The committee members visited to the faculty of Maritime Studies at the University of Dubrovnik, where members received brief explanations of simulator training as well as a research activity on marine environment using a drone.