Sustainable development (SD) has become a critical issue for humanity with its economic, social and environmental dimensions.  There are currently substantial global efforts to understand and improve SD.  This focus is reflected in the UN 2030 SDGs and the IMO’s 2018 focus during MEPC 72 as well as the expressed sentiments of Dr. Sasakawa.  Higher education institutions in many jurisdictions and academic contexts have signed declarations, charters and initiatives (such as the Talloires Declaration with 503 signatory institutions) to integrate SD.  There appears to be no such effort among maritime higher education institutions (MHEI) as a collective.  This research, therefore, has the following objectives:

  1. Analyse the evolution of the concept of SD and its applicability to MHEI
  2. Explore the status quo regarding MHEI integration of sustainability principles in their management, operations and curricula activities
  3. Identify the barriers to such integration
  4. Critically analyse the contemporary approaches for SD in MHEI
  5. Suggest ways of improving the SD performance of MHEI



  • Work package 1 – Comprehensive literature review
    • Analysis of the evolution of the concept of SD
  • Work package 2 – Development of research instruments and operationalising of SD concepts
  • Work package 3 – Primary research through questionnaires and interviews
    • Examination of the state of awareness and application of SD in MHEI
    • Examination of the state of the integration of SD principles in management, operations and curricula activities of MHEI
    • Identification of barriers to integration of SD in MHEI
  • Work package 4 – Quantitative and qualitative analyses of data from research instruments
    • Critical analyses of contemporary approaches for SD in MHEI
  • Work package 5 – Creation/optimization of a framework/model for improving SD performance of MHEI

All partners will be involved in all work packages

  1. World Maritime University (Coordinator) – Michael Ekow Manuel
  2. Universitat Politècnica Catalunya – Santiago Ordás
  3. Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport – Mohamed Rowihil
  4. Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific – Angelica Baylon
  5. Alina Prylipko (Independent Researcher)
  • Deliverable 1 – A research report to IAMU
  • Deliverable 2 – A best practice guide for integrating SD in MHEI for IAMU membership.
    • This guide is expected to reflect the outcomes of work package 5 together with the critical review of the literature in work package 1
  • Deliverable 3 – A minimum of 2 peer-reviewed journal articles
    • At least one article will be submitted to the IAMU section of the WMU Journal of Maritime Affairs