The Italian Shipping Academy Foundation, a member of IAMU, is seeking one partner to address an EU tender related to open flags.

In summary: an EU agency called “CINEA” ( recently published a tender (here attached) that may be of interest in a perspective of a joint cooperation. CINEA is in particular searching for someone in the academic field which can produce (in 12 months) a study on open registers and flags of convenience, with a focus on fishery. Any institution from every part of the world, alone or jointly with others, can forward an offer.

The Italian Shipping Academy is building a consortium to address this tender: so far a number of important experts and one authoritative university have already been involved, but there is the need to strengthen the academic side of the partnership. To this purpose, the Italian Academy is searching for a partner university/academy eager to join and able to meet the five criteria stated in the tender to be allowed to forward an offer. To summarize, the criteria request to have at least 2 peer-reviewed papers (not older than 7 years) or at least 1 project completed or ongoing (all to be proven) related to:

  1. Analysis of flag state registration.
  2. Maritime transport and maritime labour law/conventions with a focus on flag registration and comparison between third countries maritime laws and international legislation.
  3. IUU fishing and flags of convenience mapping, analyzing the relation with environmental/organized crime and comparison between third countries fisheries laws and international legislation.
  4. Corporate tax law and business law, analyzing the relation with organized crime, trafficking and money laundering and comparison between third countries laws and international legislation.
  5. International finance.

Universities/academies which meet these criteria (or also part of them) and are eager to join the partnership, can contact Mr. Davide Stasi at