You are invited to participate and share your valuable knowledge and experience in an online survey prepared by a senior lecturer at the University of Split – Faculty of Maritime Studies, M.Bs. Danijel Pusic, for his PhD research.

The aim is to determine the optimal locations for nautical anchorages for which conceptual frameworks will be offered by applying multi-criteria analysis.

 The primary target group are boat owners, amateur or professional, and all those in contact with pleasure boats, sailboats, yachts, anchoring in bays and nautical tourism in general.

The secondary target group are space planners (coastal zone managers) with an understanding of the problem of determining marine areas for special purposes: construction of marinas, wind farms, shellfish farms, cages for fish farming, etc.

In order to make the obtained data relevant your involvement and expert opinion would be highly valued.

The survey is anonymous and it should take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Deadline is January 15th, 2023.

Link to survey: