During the last week there has been a conference with Kongsberg digital simulations as host. In total it was 185 delegates from all over the world, and several IAMU members universities gave presentation during the conference.  The them for the conference was to highlight cutting edge simulations and how to empower maritime education training. To be able to  ensuring that students and crew acquire the competence needed to carry out efficient and safe operations at sea – becoming smarter, safer, and greener.

Ralph Schaafsma from MIWB gives a presentation about new WR programs and engine rooms.
From Left Ralph Schaafsma MIWB / Gamini Lokuketagoda AMC / Stephen Hurd AMC /  Johan Eliasson Ljungklint Chalmers

From left Stephen Hurd AMC /  Johan Eliasson Ljungklint Chalmers / VADM EDUARDO MA R SANTOS  MAAP / Gamini Lokuketagoda AMC /  Engr. Gerardo Ramon Galang MAAP