Chair’s message


The creation of the International Association of Maritime Universities (IAMU) in 1999 marked a significant turning point in the history of maritime universities and the global development of maritime education and training. With generous support from the Nippon Foundation, the IAMU has grown from seven charter members to now representing 61 members worldwide.

Over the last two years, under the leadership of our past Chair Glenn Blackwood from Canada and the Executive Director, Takeshi Nakazawa, IAMU has accelerated its involvement at a strategic level in the strengthening of maritime, education, training and research at member universities. Through the adoption of the Tasmanian Statement in 2014, the IAMU reinforced its purpose:

  • To create a well-educated global maritime workforce and leaders of the future;
  • To be the authoritative voice of maritime education, training and research; and
  • To create a network and forum to communicate and exchange the best maritime ideas, practices and scientific solutions.

Some key projects presently under way are: two Working Groups for Curricula for Officers’ Licenses with Academic Degrees and On-Board Training; a Peer-Assisted Self-Evaluation Scheme in the Philippines; and a pilot project to Establish Performance Indicators for Maritime Universities. These projects are likely to have far reaching consequences for the community of maritime universities and maritime education, training and research.

Given the vastness of the oceans and the global nature of both the shipping industry and the regulatory agencies, it is critical that in the future we strengthen our connections to the industry associations and to the International Maritime Organization. These linkages will ensure that IAMU and its members remain responsive to the changes being implemented and overcome the challenges of producing graduates that are fully prepared to lead our sector forward in the future.

Yours sincerely,

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Dr. Neil Bose

Chair of IAMU