The Italian Shipping Academy Foundation, member of IAMU, is seeking through its international department for the chance to sign an agreement with schools or universities around the world, especially in developing countries, in order to have an available venue to be activated in presence of enough participants for a course.

Since 2007, the Italian Shipping Academy Foundation, the only Italian IAMU member and one of the main maritime education institution in Italy, has an international department, which acquired its own logo and name: IMSSEA – International Maritime Safety Security Environment Academy.  This branch has the task to manage the international projects for the Foundation, as well as offer short courses addressed to maritime administrations. The main IMSSEA target, following a strategy shared with the IMO, which provides fellowships for those courses, have always been the developing countries, and so far many officers coming from more than 92 countries have attended its courses on Flag State Implementation, ISPS, Port State Control, Marine accident investigation and many others. All these courses have always been held in Genoa, Italy, a lovely location but hard and expensive to reach for too many people. That’s why the Foundation have recorded for many years the same suggestion from the participants: “why don’t you bring your courses in my country or area, instead of delivering them only in Italy? You will have the chance to educate a lot more people”.

They have been always right, and they are even more now that the Foundation’s international department is about to offer new short courses to all interested in improving their professional knowledge and skills related to the maritime economy. The new courses will condense in 5 days the most important concepts on crucial matters, such as operational maritime law, LNG management and safety, ship condition surveying, community security best practices, and other topics linked with the need of many countries to be compliant with the international laws and regulations, such as independent evaluation and recognized organizations.

The point is, for old as well as for new courses: how to reach many participants in their areas? What is lacking is an available venue set to host a 12 to 15 persons course, lasting for 5 days, in an ordinarily equipped classroom. That’s the reason for the Foundation is proposing an agreement to have available venues in various parts of the world to be activated in presence of enough participants for a course. The agreement will be set to inform all the interested parts far in advance and to ensure those which will actively cooperate a chance to promote its activities and to have their room hiring cost covered.

This initiative of the Italian Shipping Academy Foundation, through its international department, aims at strengthen the international cooperation with all possible partners in the maritime education field, but above all to step ahead in offering to the wide maritime community a chance to improve knowledges and skills.

To know more about the proposed agreement, please contact Mr. Davide Stasi, IMSSEA Managing Director, at