Tasmanian Statement

IAMU Tasmanian Statement

Annual General Assembly AGA 15
Launceston, Tasmania, October 2014

IAMU Strategic Planning

In mid-2013 the IAMU Secretariat started work on revising and updating the IAMU Basic Agreement. This led to acceptance of a new agreement at the AGA 15 in October 2014. In parallel the IAMU Secretariat also initiated a conversation around the future of IAMU at an International Executive Board (IEB) workshop held in Tokyo in February 2014. At that time at a meeting at The Nippon Foundation, Chairman Yohei Sasakawa indicated that while IAMU has developed a strong structure, it needed to become more influential in the maritime world. This led to two IEB strategic planning facilitated workshops held in April and October 2014 as part of the IEB meetings. The following outcomes were discussed and refined at the Presidents’ Forum at the AGA 15.

IAMU Key Purpose

  1. To create a well-educated global maritime workforce and leaders of the future
  2. To be the authoritative voice of maritime education, training and research
  3. To create a network and forum to communicate and exchange the best maritime ideas, practices and scientific solutions

IAMU Key Strategic Drivers – How to achieve our purpose?

  1. Strengthen IAMU membership; engage all members
  2. Link research to the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the WMU/IAMU journal, AGA conference papers
  3. Work with the maritime industry to focus applied maritime research
  4. Achieve IAMU functional and regional cooperation
  5. Find a common position & voice of maritime educators
  6. Provision of quality sea time for cadets