All Academic Staff:

  • Title: Evaluation of Sharp-Lookout Skills Using Performance Assessment toward Developing Automatic Target Avoiding System
    Coordinator: Jun Kayano (TUMSAT)
  • Title: Data fusion and machine learning for ship fuel efficiency analysis: a small but essential step towards green shipping through data analytics
    Coordinator: Yuquan Du (AMC)
  • Title: Towards a Cyber Secure Shipboard ECDIS
    Coordinator: Boris Svilicic (UR-FMS)
  • Title: Energy management framework in the zero-emission port
    Coordinator: Adjunct Professor, Andrey Nikishin (BFFSA KSTU)

Young Academic Staff:

  • Title: Calibrating ship emissions with AIS data and field measurements
    Coordinator: Anna Mujal Colilles (FNB-UPC)
  • Title: Maritime Risk Evaluation and Safety Optimization in Narrow Straits: A Case Study in Istanbul Strait and English Channel
    Coordinator: Sean Loughney (LJMU)
  • Title: Challenges of Maritime Digital Leaders in the Algorithmic Era
    Coordinator: Maria Christina Dragomir (CMU)