imo5On 23 November 2017 at the 29th extraordinary session of the IMO Council, IAMU Executive Director Takeshi Nakazawa and Kobe University Associate Professor Matthew Rooks presented on the 2017 IAMU Student Forum, which was held at IMO Headquarters in July. Executive Director Nakazawa outlined the history and prime objectives of IAMU, and Professor Rooks summarized the organization and imo3implementation of the Student Forum. At the end of the presentation, a video of the Forum that was produced by IMO was shown to the audience.

Link:Presentation Material

Link:IMO Video of Student Forum


The IAMU Student Forum 2017 was introduced as a part of the World Maritime Day activities in the IMO’s “Report on World Maritime Day 2017 Noted by the Secretary-General” (please click the link below and see the yellow highlighted part)

Link:C-ES.29-11(e) – (e) Report on World Maritime Day 2017 (Secretary-General)