Policy and Planning Committee

Thomas A CROPPER, President,CSUM, America

Jari Multisilta, President, SAMK, Finland
Mitsuyuki UNNO, Executive Director, The NF
Takeshi NAKAZAWA, Executive Director, Secretariat

Committee’s responsibility
The Policy and Planning Committee is responsible for:

  1. advising the International Executive Board on general and specific policy matters;
  2. developing and assessing implementation of strategic and action plans;
  3. overseeing the assessment process of new membership applications;
  4. nominating candidates for the International Executive Board and the heads of Standing Committees for the next term; and
  5. creating public information materials including the development of the IAMU website.

Working Group
WG on peer-assisted evaluation scheme-Philippines (PAES-P)
Coordinated by Prof. Damir Zec, UR-FMS, Coratia

WG on Performance indicators for maritime education and training (PIMET) Coordinated by Prof. Neil Bose, FMIMUN, Canada

WG on IAMU Institutional Database
Coordinated by Capt. Mahmoud El-Bawab, AASTMT, Egypt