The Philippine Association of Maritime Institutions (PAMI) organized the webinar on course modules and activity sheets development on 22 and 23 June 2020. The main objectives of the webinar was to develop course modules for all first semester professional courses in both BSMT and BSMarE using PAMI validated course syllabus in order to follow guidelines for the prevention, control and mitigation of the spread of the COVID-19 in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) described in CHED Advisory No. 6 and 7.
The number of participants was 88 from 38 Maritime Higher Education Institutions in the Philippines.

The following PAES working group members and the IAMU Secretariat participated in the webinar as observers.
• Damir Zec, Faculty of Maritime Study, University of Rijeka (Croatia)
• Jan Askholm, Svendborg International Maritime Academy (Denmark)
• Johan Eliasson Ljungklint, Division of Maritime Studies, Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden)

Professor Zec provided some comments on the outcomes of the workshop at the end of the webinar. ENGR. Oca appreciated the comments and further asked the WG members to participate in another webinar that focuses on subjects of practical training.