Dear Business Partner,

The Maritime Institute Willem Barentsz (MIWB) has a long and rich history. We were founded in 1875, now nearly 150 years ago! We’re proud of this wonderful institute that became part of NHL University of Applied Sciences in 1987 and, in 2018, an important sub-brand at NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences. Since then, we’ve been working hard on developing a strong, single brand as NHL Stenden. To reinforce this brand, the MIWB’s visual identity will move closer towards that of the NHL Stenden parent brand. More specifically, this means we have a new logo.


Since NHL and Stenden fused in 2018, we’ve been working hard on creating a strong, single brand: NHL Stenden. As a single, recognisable brand, we want to show our conviction of the importance of good education and research. To demonstrate this further, we are changing the MIWB logo so that it is in line with our parent brand; so that it is clear we belong together and continue to develop.

New visual identity

The MIWB is only changing its logo. We are of course keeping our strong brand name and we will continue to be who we are. We’ll be changing the logo in our publications gradually, so you won’t immediately see it everywhere. It may be that you’ll come across the old logo on something like a brochure. We’re updating the materials as we go – as a more environmentally friendly approach. You can see our new logo below.

How does this affect you?

Nothing actually changes for you. The MIWB will keep its strong, recognisable name and we will continue to be the organisation you know, providing the quality education students and industry expect. With our new logo, we are looking forward to continuing to work with you.

Kind regards,

Gerrit van Leunen
MIWB Director