Simulator instructors from three IAMU member universities (SIMAC, Chalmers University of Technology and Australian Maritime College) met in Svendborg, Denmark, June 19-21, to work together and share experiences around maritime simulation. A few months ago, the IAMU organizational development project METSED (Maritime Education and Training – Simulator Exercise Database) finished and all project members decided to continue working together to share simulator exercises. Unfortunately, no simulator instructors from Maritime Institute Willem Barentsz NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences nor University of Rijeka had the opportunity to attend.

During the camp hard work was mixed with social activities to strengthen the connection between the instructors from different MET Institutions. The work included development of new simulator exercises in mixed groups, a successful way of sharing experiences and ideas.

METSED is a database with peer-reviewed quality assured simulator exercises, described in a structured and standardized format, for all simulator categories including cargo handling, engine room, radio communication, and navigation.