Dear Representatives/contact persons of IAMU member universities,

As we announced IAMU Student Forum 2017 in London, IAMU Secretariat have sent each universities following 3 documents;

1. Terms and conditions of IAMU Student Forum 2017

2. Nomination form (Annex 1) for university

3. Package for student (“Student Information form (Annex 2)” and “Terms and conditions”)

*Nomination Form can be downloaded from HERE


Please follow the procedure below to submit forms (Annex 1 and 2) to IAMU Secretariat by 10 March 2017.

1.  Read through the terms and conditions.

2.  Fill in the Nomination form (Annex 1) and get the representative’s signature.

3.  Forward “Package for Student” to your nominated student.

4. Collect Student Information form (Annex 2) and scanned passport (photo page) from the student.

5.  Submit nomination signed nomination form (Annex 1), Student Information form (Annex 2) and scanned passport to the Secretariat ( by 10 March 2017.

*If you have already submitted the nomination form but not heard from us yet, please contact the Secretariat (

We are looking forward to nomination from your university.