On 27 and 28 June 2024, DMU hosted the 3rd GMP Implementation task force meeting with the following participants.

  • Ana Peric Hadzic, Task force member
  • Quan Li, Task force member
  • Damir Zec, Advisor, Head of PAES Working group
  • Takeshi Nakazawa, Executive Director, Secretariat

 The task force was formed under the International Executive Board to create a new process to confirm how member universities embody the concepts of the GMP-BoK in their academic curriculum. The successive task force members have introduced a self-evaluation scheme into the confirmation process, which was already approved by the IEB.

 The task force members this time concentrated to prepare a set of formats for the self-evaluation scheme, which will be submitted to the upcoming IEB meeting in October 2024.

Professor Mingfei Ma’s welcome speech

Meeting participants