Professor German de Melo Rodrogiez of UPC in Barcelona is requesting IAMU colleagues to disseminate the following survey to seafarers through your network.

Greetings to all seafarers! We invite you to be a part of a significant endeavor – the “Seafarer Questionnaire for Study on the effective implementation of the ISM Code.” This initiative is a collaborative effort to assess and enhance the International Safety Management (ISM) Code, a vital international standard in the maritime industry.

First introduced in 1993 by the IMO Assembly, the ISM Code stands as a cornerstone for safe ship management and pollution prevention worldwide. Its core principle is to establish a robust framework for the secure operation of vessels and environmental conservation. Shipping companies, under its provisions, intricately structure their management systems, roles, responsibilities, and authorities to ensure maritime safety and environmental protection. Since 1998, the ISM Code has been a mandatory force in the maritime domain.

Fast forward nearly three decades since its inception, the IMO Secretariat is embarking on a comprehensive study. This study aims to gauge the efficacy and execution of the ISM Code, alongside its associated instruments. The ultimate goal is to modernize, streamline, and enhance the effectiveness of these instruments and their implementation through safety management systems (SMS).

Seafarers are the backbone of maritime safety and environmental protection policies, playing a pivotal role in implementing SMS aboard ships. Your expertise and experiences are crucial for assessing the practicality and impact of the ISM Code. This questionnaire has been meticulously designed to gather your insights about the application of the ISM Code on board ships.

By participating in this questionnaire, you’re contributing to a dynamic process that shapes the future of maritime safety. Your feedback will provide objective evidence, conclusions, and recommendations that will guide the evolution of the ISM Code and its associated instruments. Your input directly informs the course for modernization and the pursuit of maritime excellence.

We assure you that your responses will remain confidential and anonymous. Your privacy is our priority, and your information will not be shared with external parties.

Your participation is an opportunity to make a substantial impact on the maritime industry’s future. The insights you provide will help refine and advance the ISM Code and its related instruments. By sharing your perspectives, you’re playing a pivotal role in making shipping safer, more efficient, and environmentally conscious.

Thank you for your dedication to maritime excellence. Your contribution as a seafarer is invaluable, and we are honored to have you on this transformative voyage.

Your support in sharing the link within your network would be immensely appreciated. Should you have any questions or require further information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me, Germán de Melo Rodríguez