The Secretariat would like to share a great academic achievement awarded to a research team at the Graduate School of Maritime Sciences of Kobe University.

The Secretariat received this great news from Professor Dong-Wook Song, the Editor-in-Chief of WMU Journal of Maritime Affairs on 14 February 2023. Mr. Adi Mas Nizar, Professors Takashi Miwa and Makoto Uchida were awarded the Best Paper Award 2022 of WMU Journal of Maritime Affairs, for their paper entitled “Measurement of Situation Awareness in Engine Control Room: Approach for Non-technical Skill Assessment in Engine Resource Management (Vol. 21, No. 3, pp. 401-419).

Link to Springer:

Please join us in congratulating the research team on their academic achievement and we are looking forward to further contributions from academic staff at the member universities to the IAMU Section of WMU Journal of Maritime Affairs. 

Mr. Adi Mas Nizar and Professors Takashi Miwa at Gala dinner at AGA22