Member’s Collaboration

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IAMU members benchmarking/ranking 2019-2020

The IAMU benchmarking project PIMET (Performance Indicators in Maritime Education and Training) started in 2016 as a pilot project. Since then data has been collected on a voluntary basis from IAMU Member Universities in each of 2017, 2018 and 2019.  Based of the...

Extension of the deadline to 1st March 2020

Taking into account requests from prospective participants, the deadline for abstract submission has been extended to 1st of March 2020. Abstract Submission Authors are cordially invited to submit up to 2 pages abstract before 1st March 2020. After notification of...

Extraordinary IEB meeting

The Extraordinary IEB meeting has been held in Tokyo on 12-13 February 2020.
New IEB members and the current Chair of IEB visited to Dr. Sasakawa, the honorary Chair of IAMU.