Call for Research Proposals for Young Academic Staff in FY2018

It is a pleasure to inform you that a research project system for Young Academic Staff * is now launched with great support of the International Executive Board (IEB) at the meeting on 25 October 2016 in Haiphong. The main purpose of this new Research Project System is to encourage young academic staff to participate in the IAMU activities.

The International Association of Maritime Universities is pleased to announce the call for research proposals for Young Academic Staff in FY2018. Young academic staff of IAMU member universities are invited to propose research project system of which the research period is from May 2018 to May 2019.

Call for Research Proposals for Young Academic Staff in FY2018

Guideline – Research Proposals for Young Academic Staff  

(Research Period:  May 2018 to May 2019)

Young Academic Staff of the IAMU member universities

  • Age of applicants is to be equal to or less than 35 years old as of project proposal due date.
  • Applicants must be full-time academic/research staff but not full professors of the IAMU member universities


  • Applicants shall make a presentation of an interim report for his/her project in the Annual General Assembly(AGA) and shall publish in proceeding of the annual Conference.
  • Applicants shall consider submitting the paper to the IAMU section of WMU journal of Maritime Affair.
  • If needed, applicants can have research partner(s) who is/are young academic staff of the IAMU member universities only.

Project length and budget

  • The project length is 13 months, start at 1 May to 31 May in the following year
  • The project budget is maximum USD 20,000 per proposal for Young Academic Staff

Proposal and selection

  • The research project must be related to maritime field.
  • The AAC Working Group on Research Projects select 3 research projects and recommend to the IEB for approval.


Applicants to this research proposal are required to describe possible key concepts to be structured and explored within the theme as well as a couple of desirable goals in their application forms (Form_1-C)


Reference is the Evaluation form for Young Academic Staff (Criteria in the Evaluation form will help you to prepare for your application)


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