Objective 1: Strong IAMU membership and engagement

Key Principle: Show and provide membership benefits

Must/should do actions:

  • Welcome package and introductions for new IAMU leaders (newly appointed Presidents, etc.)
  • IAMU website: link to member websites; regular announcements such as new people and achievements
  • Identify and promote IAMU member individual strengths
  • Consider Associate Membership status for non-university academies and industries

Objective 2: Link research to the work of IMO, the WMU/IAMU journal and AGA conference papers

Key Principle: Enhance what we do to improve quality output

Must/should do actions:

  • Strengthen AGA paper review – All AGAs should have an option for review
  • IAMU research project outcomes published in the journal
  • Focus research themes and topics to engage more people
  • Best AGA papers reviewed for publication in the journal

Objective 3: Work with the maritime industry to focus applied maritime research

Key Principle: Build IAMU’s profile and standing

Must/should do actions:

  • Compile, update, promulgate key data (e.g. numbers of graduates in industry; data showing the benefits/value-add of graduates and postgraduates)
  • Maintain and strengthen our focus on science, engineering and research

Objective 4: Achieve functional and regional cooperation within IAMU

Key Principle: Regional relevance within a global industry

Must/should do actions:

  • Ensure regional cooperation in research projects
  • Make greater use of electronic media such as Twitter

Objective 5: Find a common position and voice

Key Principle: IAMU to be proactive and authoritative

Must/should do actions:

  • Systematic IAMU dialogue with IMO, member universities, shipping organisations, regulators, the general public
  • Establish a message system to reach the world
  • IAMU statements on “non-arguable” positions such as maritime day and need for more female seafarers
  • IAMU working statements such as a response to IMO Manilla amendments
  • IAMU internal statements on best practice to members
  • Authoritative messages based on facts/science/research

Objective 6: Provision of quality sea time for cadets

Key Principle: Ensure the provision of a skilled maritime workforce

Must/should do actions:

  • Prepare a submission to IMO mandating trainees on all ships e.g.: 2 training berths for all new ships; at least 2 crew trainees for all vessels
  • Work with/lobby industry and industry groups for similar outcomes
  • Work with marine safety authorities – as the voice of MET training – with IMO and the international maritime industry

ACTIONS – Where to next?

The Presidents’ Forum proposed the formation of Working Groups:

  • IEB to work with Standing Committees to form working groups to address Objectives 1-6
  • Volunteers for Working Groups to be sourced through IAMU members
  • Standing Committees to develop action plans with key initiatives, responsibilities, targets and timelines
  • IEB to monitor progress and assess the outcomes

* * *