Development projects

Development Project System

Since FY2016, Development Project was established to provide a mechanism to accomplish six objectives listed in the Annex to the Tasmanian Statement that was officially released at the 15th Annual General Assembly in Tasmania, Australia 2014.


Project length

One year

What is a development project?

  • Unlike an IAMU research project, the main objective of a development project is to develop and encourage IAMU activities, which means that projects are specifically for
  • Academic publications such as journal papers are therefore not required as deliverables of a development project, but tangible results such as a project report for IAMU and member universities are required for each project.
  • A development project is to achieve at least one of the objectives listed in the Annex of the Tasmanian
  • A development project can include but is not limited to developing teaching materials and textbooks that can be used by member universities
  • IAMU will own the copyright on the products made through this project

Project members

Maximum 5 members including the project coordinator, academic staff of IAMU member universities only

Project budget

Maximum USD30,000 per project. Note that coordinators are not allowed to purchase any kind of equipment, such as PCs, iPads, voice recorders, digital cameras, digital video cameras, cell-­‐phones etc.

Project proposal and selection

  • Submit completed application form with Terms of reference, Project schedule and Budget sheet to the IAMU Secretariat ( Guidance for application of a development project in FY2017 is attached as Annex1.
  • IEB selects maximum 3 projects and inform winner by the end of February.