Academic Affairs Committee

Janusz ZAREBSKI, Rector, GMU, Poland

RADM Thomas A CROPPER, President, CSUMA, America
Boyan MEDNIKAROV, Rector, NVNA,  Bulgaria
Takeshi NAKAZAWA, Executive Director, Secretariat

Committee’s responsibility
The Academic Affairs Committee is responsible for:

  1. advising the International Executive Board on academic activities related to Maritime Education and Training and Maritime Research both scientific and professional;
  2. managing the IAMU research project system including the selection of themes, evaluation of research proposals and review of research outcomes;
  3. supervising activities of the IAMU Section editor of the WMU Journal of Maritime Affairs and promoting member universities for contributions; and
  4. promoting and supervising academic publications and presentations of the AGA and other activities performed by the Association.

Working Group
Working group on Academic Research (Professor Bogumil Laczynski, GMU)
Working group on Academic Publication (Professor Graham Benton, CSUMA)

Editor of the IAMU Section in the Journal of Maritime Affairs
Barrie Lewarn, Professor, AMC, Australia

* * *