AGA4 2003

 AGA4  2003


Title Auther(s)
ISO 9000:2000 Quality Management System and Problem Based   Learning in Met ASYALI,   E., et al.  download
Adaptation of Problem–Based Learning Method to Requirements of   STCW Convention ASYALI,   E., et al.  download
Impact of Man-Machine Interface on Maritime Casualties ASYALI,   e.  download
Maritime Communication: The Problem of Cross Cultural and   Multilingual Crews Badawi,   E., et al.  download
Social Aspects of the Seafarers’ Integration on the Maritime   Jobs Market BARSAN,   E.  download
Maritime English, Critical Thinking and American ESL Programs Benton,   G.  download
A Network of Excellence in Maritime Training Carp,   D.  download
TIME Model or How to Integrate New Technology on Maritime   Education and Training CONSTANTINESCU,   E.  download
Trends in the Quality Assurance of Maritime Education, A Case   Study from the Australian Maritime College COOPER,   G., et al.  download
Computer Based Training: A Global Survey of Current Developments   and its Application to Maritime Education and Training Helal,   H.  download
International Maritime Legislation and Model Courses HORCK,   J.  download
Study on the Development of IMIMS to Improve Maritime Education   and Training HU,   X., et al.  download
Visual-Aid Teaching Materials in Linkage with Ship-Handling Simulator Educational Application of Ship-Handling Simulator INOUE,   K., et al.  download
A Method Quantitatively Evaluating on Technical Progress of   Students in Ship Handling Simulator Training INOUE,   K., et al.  download
Maritime Risk Management Exercise Using E-mail Network ISHIDA,   K., et al.  download
The New Characteristics of Seafarers’ Labor Market and their   Requirements to the Maritime Education KANEV,   D.  download
The Harmful Impact of the Electro Magnetic Fields on Seafarers Kassar,   A., et al.  download
Training of the Personnel for the Fleet is a Key Question to   Ensure Safety at Sea Kostylev,   I.  download
Enriching Seafarers in the 3rd Millennium: IAMU Options KUMAR,   S.  download
Identification and Inclusion of Related Shore-Based and Near   Shore Activities into Maritime Safety Management System (MSMS) Code Lewarn,   B.  download
International Survey of Shore-Based Courses Related to Maritime   Safety Management Systems FEI,   J.  download
Engine Room Simulator Applied as an Objective Examiner of Marine   Engineers Skills and Knowledge Listewnik,   J., et al.  download
Hierarchy of Benefits in Technical and Commercial Ship   Management with the Adoption of ISO 9000 : 2000 Standard Lobo,   A., et al.  download
Accounting and Finance Education for Future Deck Officers Lombardo,   G.  download
Maritime English – Is this the Only Way to Communicate? NAKAZAWA,   T.  download
A Navigator Decision Support System in Planning a Safe   Trajectory PIETRZYKOWSKI,   Z., et al.  download
The Supply Chain Management of Maritime Labour and the Role of   Manning Agents: Implications and Research Directions Ruhullah,   A.  download
The Thematic Network on Maritime Education, Training and   Mobility of Seafarers (METNET): The Final Outcomes Schröder,   J., et al.  download
A Perspective of Seafarers Training Sears,   D.  download
Profiling the Maritime English Instructor Trenkner,   P., et al.  download
Web Site Initiative The Creation of a New, Improved Web Site Vikberg,   V.  download
Quantitative Technology Forecasts of Select Maritime   Technologies and Implications for Maritime Education and Training Walk,   S.  download
Advanced Training for Senior Cadets Based on Cargo Handling   Simulator Laczynski,   B.  download
IAMU Model Course on Training in the Operational Use of the   Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) Weintrit,   A.  download
Study on Systematic Usage of SHS in MET INOUE,   K.  download
Policy on the Reforms and Improvements of Maritime Education in   China WU,   Z.  download